Kailua Aikido Club - 50th Anniversary Celebration & Seminar - 2013

Tribute to Inaba Sensei

Inaba Sensei passed away peacefully, surrounded by his family at the Foothills Medical Centre on Monday January 26, 2009.

Born in Osaka Japan, November 26, 1952, Inaba Sensei was the youngest of five children. He began working at the engineering firm "Chioda Kakokensetsu" in 1972, where he was heavily involved in the petroleum research center. In 1974 at the Motosumiyoshi Kobayashi Dojo he began his training in Aikido, which would turn into his life's passion. After marrying Keiko Inaba in 1976 they welcomed their first of three sons Yuya three years later. It was in 1980, when a job opportunity presented itself, Inaba Sensei, with a determination to succeed, moved his wife and son to Canada.

After settling in Calgary, Inaba Sensei immmediately began working on sharing his passion for Aikido and began Calgary Aikikai, teaching Aikido on the army base and later in the basement of his home. It was through Pastor Akutagawa that God reached Inaba Sensei's life leading to his confession of faith in 1981. While working full time on the research team of Petro Canada, Inaba Sensei continued to work part time expanding Calgary Aikikai and in 1985 he began teaching Aikido through the Continuing Education Program. After two years in Canada, Inaba Sensei and Keiko welcomed their twin boys John and Mark. It wouldn't be until 1988 that Inaba Sensei and Keiko would welcome their daughter, Grace, into their family.

After studying Accupuncture and Shiatsu for four years under Ishimura sensei, Inaba Sensei resigned his position at Petro Canada and opened the Japan Shiatsu Clinic in 1990 where he began instructing and practicing accupuncture, shiatsu and sotai. In the years to follow Inaba Sensei touched many lives through his healing works through accupuncture and shiatsu, turning clients into life long friends. Although he was a gifted healer, Inaba Sensei's true passion was for Aikido. Over the last 29 years, Inaba Sensei travelled all over the world teaching and demonstrating Aikido.

Many have said that 56 is a young age to die, but we know for Inaba Sensei that through his experience, opportunities and adventures he lived a life that would have filled 100 years.

Three Sensei

Inaba Sensei, Kubo Sensei and Igarashi Sensei.