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Aikido of Hawaii International (AHI) is a non-profit organization directly affiliated with Aikikai Foundation (Hombu Dojo) in Japan. AHI is the "parent" organization of affiliate dojos in Hawaii and throughout the United States.

Aikido of Hawaii International also has close relationships with dojos in Canada (Calgary Aikikai - Inaba Sensei) and Japan (Kobayashi Dojo and Igarashi Dojo).

2014 2015 Message

Kubo Sensei's Year-End Message

Students, I have had a wonderful year and the reason is I shared it with you. Read on.

Sensei Kubo

Kubo Sensei

(8th DAN)

Kubo Sensei is Chief Instructor and Founder of Kailua Aikido Club. Kubo Sensei began his martial arts training in Judo at the age of 12 under Yukiso Yamamoto Sensei. Yamamoto Sensei later became Kubo Sensei's Aikido instructor.

Kailua Aikido Club

Kailua Aikido Club

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